Wolf River Resorts are nestled along the banks of the Wolf River in the quaint Village of Winneconne. This small town getaway includes Wolf River House, Pinecrest Cottages and Lakeland Resort. From fishing trips to family vacations these three locations will fulfill all your vacation needs to make one perfect trip.

April 1st to November 1st, Wolf River Resorts takes daily and weekly reservations. Starting with inexpensive efficiency units and going all the way up to larger family friendly units, we will accommodate all of your needs. Daily visitors will also find fishing and pontoon boat rentals.


Wolf River Resorts


Wolf River House has been synonymous with a great stay in the village of Winneconne since the early 1900s. Many visitors have fallen in love and come to visit year after year. Doug Nelson was one of those people who was drawn to this enchanting location.

When Doug Nelson was young, he grew up in the big yellow house that sits on the corner of North 2nd Avenue and Riverview Drive. This put him in the perfect location to spend most of his days going between Lake Winneconne Park and Wolf River House. Doug would find himself even pitching in to help some of the resort visitors by holding their boats at the dock. On a good day, Doug would even receive a 25 cent tip!

When the time came to pass the resort onto a new family in 1973, Doug was ready to make this place his own. He purchased Wolf River House and Cottonwood Villas. By the 1980’s, he had expanded to include Pinecrest Cottages, Lakeland Resort, and a shot & beer joint called Talk of the Town.

Today, Doug is joined by his son Cody in running the three Wolf River Resorts. Keeping with their father's entrepreneurial spirit, Doug’s two other children opened their own businesses in Winneconne as well. Chris ‘Critter’ Boucher started Critter’s Wolf River Sports in a small room in the front of Talk of the Town. A couple moves later, Critter joined forces with Kristen and Andy ‘Woodeye’ Woods to create a sports complex with a bar called Woodeye’s Bar and Grill.

What's Biting


Winneconne offers a unique location on the expansive Winnebago System. All of the fish that spawn in the spring must swim under our Winneconne Bridge to get upriver. The abundant fish attract visitors and locals alike.

Check out the below link and you will see the different fish that inhabit our waters and can be caught during local fish tournaments including Critter's & Woodeye's Party on Poygan and Oshkosh's Battle on Bago.

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